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We have been pest control professionals for over 15 years. We specialize in the removal and extermination of the following: Cockroaches, termites, spiders, bees, wasps, rats, mice, scorpions, wood roaches, beetles, fleas, ants, ticks, bed bugs, bats, wasps, spiders, and more. Call us at Best TARANTULAS Control Service In Lawrence KS

Our company is family owned and operated. We pride ourselves in giving you personal attention and we will get the job done in a timely manner. Our goal is to ensure your home and family are safe and pest free. We guarantee satisfaction. We offer the most competitive pricing around and we offer a 100% guarantee.

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They can often hide in the home when you are not looking, but once they sense that you are in their territory they can create a huge mess. This is the reason we use the latest technology to make sure that they are caught and removed.


Termites are nocturnal and very active, meaning you will often catch them after they have already created a nest. They often build nests in attics and basements, but it can also be found in garages, walls, decks, and any other type of structure.


While spiders are pretty harmless, they can cause some serious damage if you have a problem. For this reason, we use the newest technology to ensure that we catch them and get rid of them for good.



These creatures are a real nuisance in commercial buildings because they carry a large number of diseases. We use the latest technology to catch and remove them for good.


Fleas are one of the most common problems in both residential and commercial environments. We use the newest technology to ensure that we get rid of them and keep them off of you.

• MosquitoesMosquitoes are the worst, we offer a 10-year guarantee on our mosquito eliminators. We use the newest technology to ensure that we keep them away from you.


We know the dangers these rodents pose to our food supply. We use the most effective techniques to keep them out.


If you are worried about bees then you need to contact us right away. They pose a major risk to humans and pets alike.


It is not uncommon for spiders to nest inside homes. Some spiders can be dangerous to people, but most can only cause a little damage. We use the newest technology to catch them and remove them from your home for good.


While wasps are considered beneficial, they can also become a serious problem. The venom that wasps inject into their prey can cause severe injuries. If you see wasps coming into your home we can make sure that you are safe.

We can remove and trap these large and aggressive spiders for you. They are the biggest arachnids that live in the United States. Most people will know them for their scary looks, but they are actually quite gentle. They live in dark crevices or under rocks and wood. Tarantulas are good eaters. They like to eat mostly beetles, grubs, snails, and other small insects. They do not bother humans unless they are disturbed. The tarantula species found in the USA are the Gertsner’s tarantula, black widow spider, brown recluse, and the western black widow. The tarantulas do not harm humans. They only bite to defend themselves or to mate.

In our Lawrence KS store, we specialize in the removal and control of the tarantula spider. Most people do not want to have these spiders removed from their homes, but if you live in one of the following counties, call our Lawrence Ks spider control experts to set up a spider removal appointment today!


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Is it safe to use poison to kill them?

It is not safe to use poison to kill them.

Can I spray the webs?

 No, you can’t spray the webs. The webs are part of the spider’s web and they are very important to the spider.

. How long does it take for the spiders to die?

 It takes several days for the spider to die.

How can I remove the spider?

You will need to get a pair of heavy-duty tweezers and a small jar. You will also need to get a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

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