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We are a Professional Pantry Pests Control services company based in Lawrence KS that specializes in eradicating pesky insects like roaches, ants, termites, mice, bats, and squirrels. The first thing you will want to do when you suspect an infestation is to call a professional exterminator. Once they arrive they will check for possible entry points such as plumbing leaks, foundation cracks, and other areas where pests may enter. If the infestation is severe, it may be necessary to hire an expert to seal the entry points and treat the inside of the structure. We understand that you are already dealing with a stressful situation and we would never add to that stress. We offer pest removal and extermination services in Lawrence KS at an affordable price. Our highly experienced exterminators will be able to inspect the structure thoroughly and give you an accurate estimate before the job begins.

 Pantry pests are a real problem for many homeowners and it’s important to be able to recognize them because they may cause serious damage. Some of the more common pests found in pantries and kitchens are rats and mice. However, pantry pests can also include other types of animals such as birds, snakes, lizards, and even small insects like bees.

If your pantry is infested with mice in Lawrence Ks, then there is some evidence that the mice are breeding inside the house or the pantry is used as a nesting site. Rats can spread disease through their droppings which can be highly toxic. Rodents are also prone to chewing things up and damaging stored foods. So in addition to cleaning your pantry, it may be a good idea to repair any holes or cracks that exist in the walls of your pantry and seal all cracks where insects might enter. This will keep your pantry pest free.

Birds are another common pantry pest that can create havoc in the kitchens in Lawrence ks. Birds eat seeds, fruits, and nuts which can leave behind a mess in the pantry. They can also create a mess in food storage and leave a lot of unsightly messes all over the kitchen. If you want to keep birds out of the kitchen, then try keeping seed feeders on your deck, windowsills, and doorways to attract birds and not inside the house. The easiest way to keep your kitchen free of bird droppings is to remove bird food from the kitchen and store it outside during the day.

Snakes are also common in Lawrence Ks pantry pests that sometimes cause problems in the kitchen. It is important to be able to recognize snakes before allowing them into the pantry to eliminate the risk of injury to your family or pets. However, if a snake is found inside the pantry, then it must be killed immediately. If you do not remove the snake from the house, it will continue to grow and eat and cause further problems.

Pantry pests are very common and you probably won’t notice many signs of infestation until it is too late. So, it is very important to be able to recognize these pests before they become a problem. By taking the necessary precautions to prevent pantry pest infestation in Lawrence Ks, you will save time and money and keep your family safe.


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How can I identify pantry pests?

There are several different types of pantry pests. The first is ants. Ants can cause a lot of damage because they eat food, make a mess, and can bite people.

What can I do if I find an ant in my pantry?

Try to get rid of the ant by using a spray bottle. You can also put some sugar in the ant’s nest and cover it up.

How do I keep ants out of my pantry?

 If you keep your pantry well-ventilated, you should have no problems with ants. If you see ants, you should try to get rid of them.

How can I prevent mice from getting into my pantry?

 You should seal any holes that lead into your pantry. You can also put down some traps for mice.

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