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Professional BEES Control services

Welcome to Best BEES Control Service in Lawrence, KS We are an expert beekeeper in Kansas City, Missouri. We will inspect your hive to identify if there is any type of disease and provide you with a diagnosis. We can inspect and remove your honey supers and provide you with honey harvest reports. The removal process includes removing frames with brood, honey, pollen, propolis, bees, and queen. We would be happy to inspect your honey supers and provide you with honey harvest reports.

Bee Removal

We provide bee removal in Lawrence, KS. I will arrive when you need me to remove the bees. I will then spray the outside of the nest with my proprietary anti-nest solution and move the bees into my truck. We do not leave the dead bees in your yard. We are an experienced beekeeper and will take care of all your bee issues. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we have not experienced beekeepers and cannot help with the removal of bees from your property. We would be happy to provide you with a solution to prevent bees from nesting in your area in the future.


Honey is produced from honey bees. Beekeepers extract honey from the comb to harvest. Honey is typically graded according to its color and crystallization. It may also be labeled with grades like “extra light,” “mild,” “standard,” “light,” “dark,” “super,” or “fancy.” To harvest honey from a comb, first, remove the honeycomb from the hive. Next, use a honey extractor to remove the honey from the comb.

Honey Bee Inspection

My services include bee inspection in Lawrence, KS. When you need a full inspection of your hives, I will check the hive boxes to identify the types of pests in them, the health of the colony, and any diseases present. This will include the following: -A visual inspection of the hive boxes -Checking for pests -Checking for signs of disease -Making a note of any problems found

· Queen

· Brood

· Nurse

· Drone

· Honey

· Food stores

· Parasitic Wasps

Honey Bee Treatment

The treatments for honey bees include antibiotics, insect growth regulators, and various other compounds. These treatments are usually applied externally. Honeybees are susceptible to mites. The treatment of these mites includes the application of mite oils.

Parasitic Wasps

These are the wasps that are attracted to honey bees and feed on their honey, eggs, or larvae. They are very beneficial insects. Parasitic wasps eat harmful pests that attack honey bees. My services include parasitic wasp inspection in Lawrence, KS. When you need a complete wasp inspection, I will check your wasp hive to determine if it is healthy and the size and number of colonies.

Carniolan Bees

This is the best pollination system for fruit trees. I do this service in Lawrence, KS. We offer inspections, removal, and replacement of hives and queens.

Asian Bees

I provide Asian bee inspections in Lawrence, KS. I will provide you with a full inspection of the hive, including the colony’s queen, brood, and honey. Asian bees are known for producing strong honey.

Pest Control in Lawrence Ks

Our pest control service includes inspection, extermination, and removal of rodents, pests, and birds.


  • ADDRESS:27-01 Queens Plaza N, 13th Floor, Lawrence KS
  • PHONE:+1 (785) 424-6834
  • WE ARE OPEN:  Mn-Fr: 10 am-8 PM
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORTS:  (24 Hours)+1 (785) 424-6834


Why should I have a bee inspection?

Bees are important to our environment. They pollinate plants, and they provide honey.

What should I look for in a bee inspection?

We will examine your hive to determine if there is any type of disease.

What if I don't have a beekeeper?

You should contact us at the Lawrence Pest Control  extension office.

. How do I know if my bees are healthy?

Look for the queen bee. She is the only bee in the hive that lays eggs. If there is a queen, there are usually thousands of worker bees.


+1 (785) 424-6834

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